Press, an UpdateStar project, is a site where you can search, find and view manuals and user guides. To ease the everyday life of a product user with questions a product manual has answers for.

Missing this one manual again? is an ever-growing repository of product support documents. Always available when needed. Our database covers 250.000+ manuals from hundreds of brands to support self-help with access to product information. And the UpdateStar team adds the latest user manuals on an every-day basis.

We help users find their user manual! ensures that users find the manual they are looking for. Just type a brand name and a product name in the search bar. Users can instantly view and easily navigate through the manual. additionally maintains the original look-and-feel of a user manual for an excellent user experience.

  • Lets users search, find, and view for product manuals online
  • Database knows 250.000+ products and brands
  • Launched in March 2023
  • is used by people all over the world
  • is a project of UpdateStar

Press Contact

Frank Alperstaedt
Phone: +49 30 692 00 6520

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