We use Google services to improve our content and keep it free. When we integrate these services, our site shares information with Google.

For example, when you visit our website that uses advertising services like AdSense, including analytics tools like Google Analytics, or embeds video content from YouTube, your web browser automatically sends certain information to Google. This includes the URL of the page you’re visiting and your IP address. Google may also set cookies on your browser or read cookies that are already there.

Google uses the information shared by our site to deliver their services, maintain and improve them, develop new services, measure the effectiveness of advertising, protect against fraud and abuse, and personalize content and ads you see on Google and on our site. See Google's Privacy Policy to learn more about how Google processes data for each of these purposes and Google's Advertising page for more about Google ads, how your information is used in the context of advertising, and how long Google stores this information.

Google's Privacy Policy explains the legal grounds Google relies upon to process your information — for example, Google may process your information with your consent or to pursue legitimate interests such as providing, maintaining and improving Google's services to meet the needs of our users.

Sometimes, when processing information shared with Google by our site, our site will ask for your consent before allowing Google to process your information. For example, a banner may appear on our site asking for consent for Google to process the information our site collects. When that happens, Google will respect the purposes described in the consent you give to our site, rather than the legal grounds described in the Google Privacy Policy.